The world has officially gone zombie mad, whether it's Brad Pitt going mental in World War Z or scaremongering scientists warning us in the newspapers - the undead are big business.

Which means we should probably start preparing for the zombie apocalypse, just in case.

Here's the award winning director of Cockneys vs Zombies and cult short film, Don't Be Scared, Matthias Hoene with his top tips for surviving the apocalypse...

01  Stock up and tool up: You’ll need to be Bear Grylls on overdrive. Grab as many weapons as possible (knives, axes, shovels etc) and utility supplies such as torches, a can opener, matches and medical kits.  Garages, sheds and hardware stores are your best friends.

02  Raid all neighbouring houses, shops and supermarkets: Load up on bottled water and canned food, plus energy bars and drinks for when you need a boost on the move because you’re going to be doing a lot of runnin. Unless it's a slow moving zombies apocalypse: in which case you'll need mood stabilisers, a psychologist and self help books to make sure you stay sane and calm in face of a monotamous lifetime holed up in a shed/warehouse/science lab/trailer/supermarket.

03  Stay clean: Remember to pack as many hygiene products as you can. We’re not talking a toothbrush, deodorant and aftershave but soap, hand sanitizer, baby wipes. You will occasionally have to camouflage as a zombie by rubbing their dead flesh on your own and that stuff is gooey and tough to get rid of.

For key advice on acting like the undead, check out our #DontBeScared Zombie Masterclass below:

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04  Grab a boy/girl: If you’re not with a loved one, try teaming up with a group and especially someone from the opposite sex. You never know, it may be up to you to recreate the human race…and it’ll also liven up some of those dull hours of waiting and hiding.

05  Find a safe place: Every smart arse out there will already be running to the nearest shopping centre…think smarter. Find the most defended building you can – Government building, power stations, prisons, sea forts…you get the idea.