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Posted by , 07 August 2013

How to take over Magaluf this summer

How to take over Magaluf this summer

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After a few years on the back burner, Magaluf is back as the finest, sexiest, burst-your-brain bestest place for a lads holiday in the world.

Before you go and cash in all your hard earned pennies on a one-way-ticket though, check out our guide to the Spanish party town, as told by those gents over at Magaluf Takeover.

Have a plan

If you’re going away for a party-filled holiday with your mates you want it to be as good as good can be, and the best way is to have a vague plan of where you should be ending up each night. Start yourself off on Friday with some final dancing and shots at BCM.

This is pretty much the biggest and loudest club in the entire town. Imagine if Iron Man was a nightclub and he was riding a giant motorbike with Daft Punk in the side car, that’s how awesome this place is. Stick it on your list.

Saturday night go for something a little more diverse and take in The Strip for an epic bar crawl.

Go against the grain

Magaluf doesn’t have to only be about dance music. If you fancy yourself as more of a rocker then bag yourself some tickets to Majorca Rocks and pogo along to live acts like Biffy Clyro and Beady Eye.

Do something massive

We might have already mentioned BCM but it’s for good reason, they’re the kings of this town, and it doesn’t get more royally awesome than BCM Square when they take it outdoors and turn it up to 11,000.

Top tip

Find yourself a fixer once you get over there. You might initially be scared of being fleeced but these guys really know their stuff.

For £150 you need never worry about what’s going down and where. You’ll also save a shit ton of money on drinks, bar crawls and other amazing stuff.

Catch some rays

You can’t be on it like a plate tectonic the entire time you’re there because let’s face it, that’s not responsible and you need to have some hangover management in the itinerary. You can’t do much better than heading over to Magaluf beach and chilling out on the sand surrounded by beautiful women, tasty cocktails and blue seas.

Somewhere to just chill

Maybe you just want to sit down and rediscover your dignity after the night before, or perhaps you’re wanting to impress that girl you met earlier, head over to Foxy’s Beach Bar.

It’s an awesome place right on the beach with chilled out vibes and one everyone should know about. It’s the place that the people working the nights of Magaluf will head to in their down time which in itself is a brilliant compliment.


Magaluf Takeover is the ultimate summer music holiday curated by Mainstage Travel. Packages offer tailored accommodation and entry to the best clubs, boat parties and pool parties that Magaluf has to offer. For even more info, check out

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