You've spent your morning dodging Twitter, Facebook and news websites to avoid those pond-dwelling, show-spoiling bastards. Now it's time to celebrate the end of quite possibly the greatest TV show in history with FHM's guide to the perfect Breaking Bad party.

Ditch your sofas and watch the final episode from the comfort of a row of wheelchairs, "borrowed" from your local old people's home, complete with a reception bell.

Hector Salamanca GIF

Get the Walter White look. You'll have a headstart on Halloween.

Breaking Bad - Walter White

Watch back-to-back episodes of Malcolm In The Middle and convince yourself it's a Breaking Bad sequel.

Malcolm In The Middle

Fried chicken has got to be on the menu tonight. Although we quite like the sound of a tasty Heisenberger too.

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Make a boozy party punch that involves Blue Curaçao and crushed ice.

Blue cocktail

Nobody has time to peel limes and buy five different bottles at £20 a pop. Keep it simple with a standard Blue Lagoon: One part vodka, one part Blue Curaçao, four parts lemonade and a squeeze of lemon juice. Don't forget the crushed ice.

If cocktails aren't your style, crack open a cold one and nibble on some badass blue meth candy.

blue meth candy

Get the recipe here.

Or, if you've got the time, get inspired by the #BakingBad hashtag.

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