Want to get an eyeball full of the hottest girls, coolest gadgets and greatest GIFs to know about this week? Then look no further than this very page...

01 The jaw-droppingly hot Meghan Wiggins.

02 The Mona Khaleesa.

Mona Khaleesa Game Of Thrones painting


03 What the face of Crystal Skull Vodka actually looks like (spoiler: terrifying).

Crystal Skull vodka

Click here for the final thing.

04 The photography of Christos Sewell that is nothing short of a godsend.

05 This flip panel door that makes us go "oooooooooh..." like Toy Story aliens.

06 Got $30 million to blow on your very own supervillain lair? You're in luck!

Supervillain house

Supervillain house

Supervillain house


07 Breaking Bad LEGO, compact scooters and a camera the snaps pics so sharp they could cut bread.

08 This hero.

09 FHM Girlfriend Courtnie balancing a beer on her bum and 4 other brilliant facts about her.

10 The greatest ice hockey check we've ever seen. 


11 Voting is still open for FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2014. VOTE NOW.

12 That time Pizza Hut Restaurants went into the business of pick-up lines.

13 THIS.

bum twerking GIF


14 This time-bending iTypewriter. 


15 Taylor Momsen strips naked in this weird new video.

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