Since Kill The Irishman is coming out pretty soon, we thought we'd talk to painter decorator/Hollywood film star and all around cool guy Ray Stevenson about stuff. Ray plays Danny Greene, the nearly invincible, rather eccentric and very Irish lead charecter in the film.

You might also recognise Ray from a bunch of films stretching back to the 90s, or as the hard drinking, all-whoring party animal/Roman killing machine Titus Pullo from the series, Rome. Read on for a series of stupid questions that help put you into the mind of this excellent human being. Here it comes..

Who inspires you as an actor? Do you have a favourite? 

One of my favourite actors is Gene Hackman. I will watch him in anything he does. He never disappoints and can make a mediocre movie a great one. Others include Gary Oldman and John Hurt - both of whom I've had the great pleasure of working with, Book of Eli and Jayne Mansfields Car respectively. Incredible human beings and consummate actors.

Whats the most fun role that you've yet played?

The most fun role is definitely Titus Pullo in Rome. He was an everyman and the best friend you could hope to have. Not to mention the most fun in battle or on the town! Every character I've played has had elements of him somewhere but he is and will remain the full-on real deal for me. 

Christopher Walken in Kill The Irishman
This is not Ray Stevenson. LOL JK it is. And Christopher Walken. He is also in the film.

What's the role/character you want to play most?

It's really difficult to answer this as who knows what character will present themselves in the next script. However, if pushed, I would love to play Flashman from the books of the same name by George MacDonald Fraser. A complete bastard in the full cowardly sense, a compulsive bully, liar, cheat, fraud, philanderer, gambler and quite possibly the most endearing anti-hero I've ever come across.

What's the best part of being in film?

The best part of being in film has to be the chance you get to play with the big toys! On one job I could find myself hurtling across a field on horseback slicing my way through the enemy, on another I am driving a 70s Cadillac like I stole it, and on another I get to blow shit up! Way up!!

Any hobbies and pursuits? We hear you are quite a water colour painter?

Water colour was a medium I used for a charity TV show called Water Colour Challenge. I used to have a studio in London where I would lose myself and indulge my passion for oil painting. I still attack the odd canvas but my work has kept me very busy - no complaints. 

If you could have a half hour chat with any figure, real or mythical, living or dead, who would it be and what would you discuss?

I guess it's a bit weird, but I'd like to meet my future 80 year old self and discuss any big regrets.

Whats in your DVD player at the moment?

My DVD player has the Pippi Longstocking collection - my son never tires of it. Especially the Pirate episodes.

Whats on your mp3 player/CD player? 

My CD player has NYC by Behrouz. A great piece of music to listen or party to.

Someone gives you a magical button that completely gets rid of one thing you don't like in the world. What would go?

I would get rid of PLASTIC! It poisons our world and lingers like a stain we'll never clean.

Val Kilmer in Kill The Irishman
This is not Ray Stevenson. This is Val Kilmer. He too is in the film.

And the worst tasting food ever is?

The worst tasting food has to be durian, a fruit from the far East. It literally tastes and smells like vomit. And yes I've tried it - as candy and as ice cream! I can still taste it 2 years later when I think about it.

You have been in many historical roles, if you you could visit any period of history and return when it suited you, when and where would you go?

I would love to visit Constantinople during the Byzantine period. Such an incredible mix of disparate cultures and thoughts and so rich visually. Another period and place would be early 1900s Paris, Montparnasse. The greatest group of thinkers, painters, sculptors etc in one place at one time. Everyone from Picasso to Leger, Fujimoto to Brack.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I would like the power of teleportation. No more airports and removing shoes and belts. More time with my family in the breaks from work, etc, etc. 

What three things do you take with you to a remote desert island?

My partner, and my two boys. If however this is not possible, I would need a Still, a huge telescope and book on do-it-yourself celibacy.

And finally, will we be seeing Pullo again?

If you look carefully you will see Pullo rear his ugly head many times. Alas, I don't think HBO has any plans to bring back the series. You have to ask them.

The DVD cover from Kill The Irishman

Kill The Irishman is released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 26