FHM and Jägermeister hit the road

Posted by , 04 June 2013

The essential roadtrip kit

The essential roadtrip kit

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    FHM X Jägermeister Roadtrip: What we’ve learnt so far…

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    If you could drop everything right now, and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

FHM and Jagermeister have hit the road to find inspiring and aspirational groups of friends around the UK. Say hello to our motely crew of travellers and their essential roadtripping arsenal...

Chris Ranson
Filmmaker, 27

Twitter: @ChrisRanson01

I haven’t driven for years, so I’m intending to take a back seat and avoid the wheel. I’ll pitch in by reading the map.

Nikki likes to sing, so we’ll inevitably have to listen to that. If we argue about it, I can always just put my headphones in.

I get ratty when I don’t eat. Or when I’m tired. So that’ll probably be every single day then…

Things that will annoy me about the others: whingeing, complaining and, most of all, stopping a song halfway through. I can’t handle that.

The road trip kit Chris can’t go without… (hover over the images to learn more)

Nikki Dodds
Photographer, 26

Twitter: @LockFlow_

There’s going to be a fight for the playlist. If I have it my way, we’ll be listening to heavy trucker blues.

I sing and make noise all the time. I used to sing jazz so my voice is OK – I hope it won’t be too annoying for the others.

Smelly boys are a complete no-no in such a confined space. There had better be shower stops.

I always need to wee, so I’ll have to limit my water intake. I’m happy to do a bit of a bush squat if needs be. Sometimes it’s preferential to gross toilets.

The road trip kit that Nikki can’t go without… (hover over the images to learn more)

Ollie Stallwood
Writer, 31

Twitter: @olliestallwood

I drive quickly, but if someone else is driving fast and I’m the passenger, it freaks me out. As long as I’m behind the wheel, I’m happy.

The sound of chewing drives me mad. If I have to sit and listen to Nikki eating sardines, I’ll lose it.

I’m worried I get bored on long journeys. On one trip I was in the passenger seat for 13 hours straight – I entered a catatonic state.

I don’t really like sleeping
. The only time I feel tired is when I wake up in the morning, so long days won’t be a problem.

The road trip kit that Ollie can’t go without… (hover over the images to learn more)


Keep track of our FHM X Jagermeister roadtripers on Twitter: #GiveItAshot

The guys are currently cruising their way from Cornwall to Bradford, tell us where we should go next on Twitter: @FHM

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