Over two million of us Brits are now smoking e-cigarettes, but what do they actually do? And which one is best if you're trying to quit, or just fancy a puff?

In this month's mag, FHM puts the four biggest brands to the test with a bit of help from a tobacco expert and FHM's very own, chain-smoking deputy art editor.

But before that here's the lowdown on whether or not they're going to make your face fall off...

Bo Ekberg, senior vice president international at e-cig company NJOY, tells us his view…

How do e-cigs work?
Each e-cigarette can be broken down into five parts: faux filter, e-liquid, atomising device, battery, and light-up tip. Every time you take a puff, an electric current shoots to a wick, which heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapor.

How are they better for you than tobacco?
We don’t make any health claims about our products. E-cigarettes involve zero combustion, resulting in no tobacco smoke, no carbon monoxide, and no detectable levels of multiple harmful and potentially harmful constituents found in tobacco smoke.

Are e-cigs a way to stop smoking, or a new form of smoking?
We don’t make any claims that e-cigarettes help you stop smoking. NJOY’s mission is to make tobacco cigarettes obsolete. We believe that e-cigarettes have the potential to help people cut down or quit smoking. Research, including our own, continues in this area.

Neal Patel, spokesman for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, shares his view…

What’s the big deal?
These products aren’t licensed. A license guarantees safety and proves quality. With a specific product, we can do analysis and work out what’s in there, but as a sector, we just don’t know what’s inside them.

It’s got to be better than smoking, right?
Smoking is definitely much worse than using a nicotine replacement device, but the question is whether these products actually encourage people to continue smoking because they’re able to use the devices in places where they can’t smoke at the moment.

What do you want to do about e-cigarettes?
We’d like to see massive regulation of advertising. We know that celebrity endorsement and sponsoring football teams works, and the main concern is that young people will start using e-cigarettes as a first step on the ladder and then progress to cigarettes.


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