There's World Cup madness left, right and centre-forward at the moment. Chances are, you might have missed a load of these brilliant things happening in the process...


01 Our new favourite Australian Instagrammer: Sheridyn Fisher.


02 The absolutely unbelievable trailer for Dead Island 2.


03 That awkward moment when Jessica Alba licks icing off your finger.


04 Joe Hart's ball rage.


05 This insanely sexy gallery of FHM Girlfriend and South African fittie: Andrea Scheepers.

Andrea Scheepers for FHM


06 The bikes that are making the word 'moped' cool again. 

Tomos GB classic xl

Have a closer look at the Tomos GB Classic XL on the Tomos GB website.


07 This outstanding collection of movie characters taking selfies.


08 Emma, her pet pooch and her amazing eyes star in this week's FHM Girlfriend Selfies.


09 Just some astronauts having a kickabout in the International Space Station.


10 Try before you buy? See what's in the mag right now.

Rachel Stevens FHM cover 

11 The horribly underrated Aubrey Plaza.



12 The "OMG the future is here!" Scribble pen.


The Scribble pen uses RGB sensors to take colour from the world around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your mobile device. That shit cray. Read up on it here.

13 The 12 best British beers for your badass World Cup BBQ.

Have a look at the full case and find out how to order.


14 Sturridge's dance in necessary 8-bit.


15 The Hobo Eat Kit and 4 other cool gadgets we love this week.