Turns out that snooker maestro Jimmy White collects portraits by Ronnie Wood. Who knew? We popped round to his house last week and he talked us through his favourite ones.

Jimmy White has a lovely house, although it’s a bit battered at the moment – when we asked where we could put down the cup of tea he so kindly made for us, he said that we could put it down “anywhere”, on account of them moving out soon and everything being “ruined."

In between playing with his dogs and finishing that tea, we chatted about his collection – he’s got more, he assures us, but they’re in storage. Here are his six current favourites.

Jimmy White

BB King: "Ronnie painted that back in 1993/94, one of his first, painted back when he started getting into it - and I love BB King. It's a treasure for me."

Jimmy White

Chuck Berry: Luckily enough through meeting Ronnie I've met Keith Richards a few times, and they're always going on about Chuck Berry and playing his songs. I think he's one of their all-time heroes, so when he gave me one of these prints, I was delighted. I've had it about fifteen years, I think.

Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye: "I really enjoy this one; I love Marvin Gaye's stuff. I think this was one of the first ones that Ronnie gave me, actually."

Jimmy White

Eric Clapton: "Ronnie's written on here, "Jimmy - Get this framed!" So I did. I'm not going to sell it, obviously, but unless your name is Jimmy this painting's worthless. Before I met Ronnie, I always liked Eric's music, and I think the picture captures a good expression of him. Ronnie was very proud of this one."

Pictured: PROOF

Jimmy White

Bob Dylan: "This has got the Stones' tongue logo on it, which is nice. (at this point Jimmy leaned in as we took a picture and said, "Oh yeah... you've gotta get the tongue in there," and we tried not to laugh. Sadly, the closeup didn't come out properly) I like the expression on this one. Look at him - he's really in deep thought." 

Mick Jagger: "This is Mick in full flight on stage; he was on tour, and I was there to see it. I remember the outfit he came out in, and Ronnie just painted this from a picture... brilliant, innit?"

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