The chances are that if we said the name Jingo to you, you might not automatically think of the super-cool underground band about to go massive.

You’d probably just do a double take and think we were referring to a knock-off version of a popular building-block based party game, but you’d be wrong.

Here’s why everyone needs to sit up and take notice of Jingo right now, the awesome new band soundtracking our Michelle Keegan covershoot…

Who are they:
A multi-national, multi-talented four piece based in East London with a penchant for ball-breaking live performances and catchy toe-tappers.

In three words:

Angsty, melodic brilliance.

Why you'll love them:
They're a no-nonsense act that fill the void left by the wimpy, foppish-haired indie acts of late.

Why she'll love them:
They've got catchy choruses and a charismatic front woman with pipes to rival any current chart-topper.

Conversation starter:
"Jingo? Yeah, I've been following them ever since they started playing at the uber-cool Cable Street Electric when Graham Coxon heard about them and asked them to support him..."

Check out Jingo’s mental video for Same Without You below:

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Jingo on Soundcloud