Set in a darkly futuristic sporting arena, the new Justice vid depicts a battle between two armour-clad teams in a violent contest combining all the most explosive elements of American sports.

The rules of the game are pretty difficult to follow, but the general idea is that one team has to get their glowing, electro fireball into the other team’s endzone, dodging motorbikes, baseball bats and flying kicks along the way. Simples.

When we finished watching the video we got to reminiscing about some of the other extreme sports that we wish actually existed – after our blood pressure had come down to medically safe levels, that is.

Here are five of our favourites:

05 Indoor Football – Starship Troopers

It’s American football, readers, but not as we know it. In the future, high school students are apparently in their late 20s and able to perform front flips clean over opponents’ heads. This is a future we can get behind.

04 Rollerball – Rollerball

The future as imagined in cult classic Rollerball looks a lot like the 1970s, but that’s why we love it. In the deadly sport of the same name, men in roller skates race around a track trying to avoid death at the wheels of blokes on motorbikes.

03 Light Cycle Battle Game – Tron

A bit like a game of Snake on your old Nokia, but with more deathy consequences. You’ll find better graphic nowadays on your mobile phone, but the light cycle battle in the original can’t be beat for edge-of-your-seat action.

02 Pod Racing – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

The only good scene in an otherwise abysmally disappointing film sees a young Anakin Skywalker pilot a piece of floating scrap metal through some perilous waste land on Tatooine. A bit like Formula 1, but with more over-taking and more explosions.

01 Quidditch – Harry Potter

What? You saying that flying around hundreds of feet off the ground at trouser-soilingly high speeds, ON A STICK, isn’t extreme? You need your head checked.