FHM’s Top Ten iTunes Festival gigs

Posted by , 02 August 2011

Kasabian - 29 July

Kasabian - 29 July

Kasabian played the Friday night of the closing weekend of iTunes Festival 2011. Britain’s biggest rock band would take some following, we thought. Who on earth would they get on the Saturday and Sunday nights? Someone pretty big. Someone fucking impressive.

James Morrison.

And Moby.


A whingey wet bloke singing about desolate puppies experiencing relationship troubles and a 45-year-old round-headed bald bloke who’s been the saviour of lazy ad-makers the world over with an album he made over a decade ago.

But still. Friday wasn’t about Saturday and Sunday. Friday was about Friday. Friday was about Kasabian. Friday was about Kasabian rocking the Roundhouse. It was about people who’d lucked or wangled tickets partying their dicks off. It was about… dinosaurs.

They played classics and a couple of new songs - Switchblade Smiles and album title track Velociraptor!, Serge enjoyed a spell in the spotlight and everyone went all 'Jurassic Park after the power cut'.

After a meaty set, an exhausted crowd departed contentedly drenched. Not talking about James Morrison.

That was the end of the iTunes Festival for us, and it had been STRONG.

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