It’s official: the long-rumoured Alan Partridge movie will start shooting later this year, and hit cinemas in 2013. If that prospect doesn’t excite you, you may want to have a doctor check your funny bone, as it could well be broken.  

Co-written by Steve Coogan, Armando Iannucci, and more than likely Neil and Robin Gibbons – the team behind the Fosters-sponsored Mid-Morning Matters videos, and Alan’s autobiography I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan – it’ll be directed by Declan Lowney, veteran of classic daft-priest sitcom Father Ted

Our ribs are already steeling themselves against a severe, sustained tickling. But what situation do you picture Alan finding himself in? We’re hoping for an enforced retirement that sends him spiralling helplessly back into the squalid Toblerone addiction that he fought so very hard to defeat.