Ghostface Killah is pretty much to rap music what Arnold Schwartznegger is to robots, and Ron Burgandy is to newsreaders – a big deal.

Cutting his chops with Wu Tang Clan before bursting onto the solo scene 16 years ago, he’s just about one of the most reliable rappers in the game, so you know to take notice when he releases anything new.

Teaming up with producer Adrian Younge for the badass conceptual album (it comes with a mutha-flipping graphic novel), Twelve Reasons To Die, lead single "Enemies All Around Me" is as smooth as it is intimidating and sounds like it should have been on the Django Unchained soundtrack. It’s that good.

Why we love it?

It’s Ghostface Killah. Do you know who this guy is? He’s a hero amongst men who's pretty much defined the rap game. MTV listed him as one of the The Greatest MCs of All Time and our pals at Q Magazine dubbed him “raps finest storyteller.” If you’re not behind Ghostface, it’s probably because you don’t have ears.

Why girls will love it?

He’s the ultimate ‘bad boy,’ he’s brutal in his rhymes and gets to the point. There’s an element of risk to him that girls love. By listening to this you can channel some of this vibe (albeit in an extremely watered down manner…) and by default you will be forever associated with the kind of man that has ‘Danger’ as his middle name. Ghostface doesn’t have 'Danger' as his middle name, mind, but then his surname is Killah, so he doesn’t have to.

Impress people by saying this:

“The thing about Ghostface Killah is he’s not just a rapper, he’s more like a poet, an avant-garde MC savior. He doesn’t just spit verse. He paints pictures, literally... his new album 12 Reasons To Die comes with a comic book.”
Twelve Reasons To Die hits stores on April 16.

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