FHM’s Top Ten iTunes Festival gigs

Posted by , 06 July 2011

Magnetic Man - July 26

Magnetic Man - July 26

Words: Layla Maan

Magnetic Man did not disappoint as they filled the Roundhouse with energetic bass and beats on Tuesday. This was to be expected with a powerful combo like Benga, Skream & Artwork on top form.

We found it almost impossible to remain still to sup our iced Margaritas amidst a crowd that was hyperactive before the music even began. R&B powerhouses Katy B and Lady Dynamite joined the threesome for guest vocals on Fire and Crossover, respectively, which added to the excitement. At one point the audience looked like a sea of nodding dogs as everyone felt the music in their blood and head-bobbed along in unison. 

The trio graced us with numerous tracks from their eponymous 2010 album, with support act Alex 'about to be bloody big' Clare replacing John Legend's vocals on Getting Nowhere.

Acoustic instrumental Flying Into Tokyo was a beautiful contrast in the middle of Magnetic Man's set, allowing just enough time to adjust our now crazy hair which had been more than ruffled during the livelier tracks.

During the final tracks the crowd found another gear, dancing with even more energy than before, until the whole venue was abuzz with lazers, bizarre dance moves and out of tune singalong. (Mainly just us for the last two...)

Final verdict: Dubstep at its best!

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