FHM and Jägermeister hit the road

Posted by , 23 August 2013

Make sure your motor is roadtrip ready

Make sure your motor is roadtrip ready

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    Get the right roadtrip motor

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    Brilliant roadtrip books that’ll get your feet itchier than a heat rash

Planning a roadtrip adventure? Make sure you're car's kitted out properly and ready for everything. We spoke to AA Patrolman of the Year, Andy Smith, to get his top tips on making sure you don't break down and ruin your weekend.

Here's what you need to know:


“It sounds obvious, but make sure there’s plenty of fuel on board. ?If you’re in a place that you don’t know very well and you’re below half a tank, don’t pass a petrol station in the belief there’s one further on. Seize the moment. You can carry some extra fuel as ?long as it’s in a proper, sealed safety can.”


“Sometimes you don’t know if your brake lights are working or not until it’s pointed out to you. Reverse up to a wall, put the brakes on and then you can check them in your mirrors.”


“Make sure your cooling fan is working. One way is to run the car for a few minutes, and the fan should cut in. If it doesn’t, your car could start overheating, particularly in traffic jams. Most places will do a free battery check for you.”


“Make sure your tyres are up to it. On a road trip, you’ve probably ?got more luggage, or more passengers on board. Increase your tyre pressure accordingly. You’ll also use more fuel if your vehicle has more weight.”

And here's everything you need to be prepared for anything...

Find out more about the FHM X Jägermeister Roadtrip here.

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