If you like the cover, you're going to love what's inside. We hang out in Ron Burgundy's bachelor pad, we've got some cracking features and there's a 7,349 calorie chocolate pizza…

01 Would Wife: Alyssa

We talk Nascar, nudity and, er, dogging with the most devastatingly beautiful gal to come out of America's Deep South.

Alyssa Arce for FHM

02 FHM's Last-Second Gift Guide

Still not bought a single gift for anyone? Of course you haven't. Chill the hell out, we've got it covered.

FHM christmas gift guide

03 The Ultimate Hero

Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC stared death in the face – and came out on top again and again.

Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC

04 Festive Blow-Out

All sorts of mad munchies to get fat on (and lovely boozes to get drunk on). 'Tis the season to be greedy, after all.

FHM festive blow-out food table

05 The Big 2013 Review

The stories, scandals and selfies that made the last 12 months kick all sorts of arse. We've got the inside track from the people who saw the year's big events up close and personal.

Andy Murray winning Wimbledon

06 What Girls Really Find Sexy

You will be appalled to discover how depraved and naughty girls' sex fantasies are. OK, not appalled at all. You'll be excited and amazed.

Sex fantasies shoot for FHM

07 Watch Special

It may be Christmas, but it's time to treat yourself to a quality timepiece, whatever your budget.

FHM watch special

08 Fitness Fads

Nordic walking, hot yoga, military fitness… Millions are trying these workout crazes, but do they work? FHM investigates.


09 Tested: Hangover Cures

What do you have to show for last night's fun? The hangover from hell, that's what. We find out how to make the pain go away.

FHM tests hangover cures

10 FHM Girlfriend: Charlotte

Meet the Liverpudlian rap fiend who eats chocolate lions and was once arrested in her pyjamas.

FHM Girlfriend Charlotte

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