We're very aware that 'keyboardless keyboards' makes very little sense but, once you watch the video, you'll be clapping your chubby little hands with glee.

Here's our weekly round-up:


01 The so-pretty-it-hurts Mahina Alexander.


02 Maria Sharapova bossing both tennis and golf in one swoosh.


03 You can get your very own Viking ship for a mere €400,000.

Yes, really. RIGHT HERE.


04 The 12 hottest girls of Wimbledon 2014 that you need to follow on Instagram.


05 Peter Griffin's Instagram account if exactly what we hoped for.


06 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and 6 more of the best video games still to come in 2014.


07 Keyboardless keyboards - explained.

The future is nigh. It is totally nigh!

AirType Concept Promo from pfista on Vimeo.


08 The 5 awesome gadgets you should know about this week.

Like the first electric Harley-Davidson.


09 A supersonic ping pong ball smashing through a bat.

In slow motion. Because that kinda shit's cool.



10 Which World Cup team should you play for?


11 Why Shakira is the queen of the World Cup WAGs.


12 Pick up 12 British beers for your World Cup BBQ.

Only £24.


13 Google's brilliant Doodle on June 23.


14 Take a close-up look at the mag this month with these 8 great reads.


15 Martin De Pasquale, the man known as "The Photoshop Illusionist."