We like vans. They’re the dependable shire horse (we said SHIRE) of the automotive world, steadfastly keeping Greggs fully stocked and delivering your post two weeks late.

Many’s the time we’ve drifted off into fanciful imaginings of how life would be as a van. We’ve always thought being a burglar’s van would be the best, much more exciting than being an Ocado van or one of those ones with pictures of balloons on the side that says 'Mr. Party Party' but screams "I'm a repressed sociopath".


But now we’re having a rethink. This Bands In Transit van has a pretty sweet deal. It’s already ferried the likes of Rizzle Kicks, Ed Sheeran, Clock Opear, Ghostpoet and Bombay Bicycle Club around the country and sat there proudly while they bust out acoustic sets, and now it’s done the same for Hackney-born bloke with an awesome voice, Maverick Sabre.

Look at him, sitting there, looking cool, knowing that everyone’s jealous of his talent, men wishing they could be him, women wishing they could be with him. Yeah, what a van.

Check out more vans (and bands) on the Bands In Transit Facebook page.