Your weekly guide to the great, the good, the brilliant and the god-damn mental things that we've stumbled across on the Internet this week...


01 Our mega hot Instagrammer of the Week: Daniella.


02 Our stomach-churning rollercoaster video.


In this month's mag, we reveal the winning UK rollercoaster.


03 Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be-released, 352-page book made up entirely of selfies, titled 'Selfish.'

Kim Kardashian book


04 Our brand spanking new issue has hit the shelves, and it's all kinds of awesome. 

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND BUY IT. Or just finish what you're doing first. AS LONG AS YOU BUY IT.


05 Megan Fox makes her long-awaited return to the big screen in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

 Teenage Mutant ninja turtle Megan fox

Producer Michael Bay always gets the most out of her.


06 The greatest Bloody Mary known to man.

 Fried Chicken Cocktail

Still suffering from Saturday night? Some boozy genius has crafted the perfect mix of hangover cures, combining hair of the dog with artery-clogging man food. Introducing the Chicken Fried Bloody Beast.


07 This GIF of cover star Helen Flanagan dancing around in her underwear.

We watched as an indecisive Helen Flanagan tried on heaps of sexy lingerie before our very eyes. Then we cried for hours because nothing else will ever compare.


08 The Premier League is back and the title race promises to be closer than ever.

Giroud goal

Prep your fantasy league teams, crack open a cold beer and watch as your star striker hobbles off five minutes into the first game of the season.


09 This video of galaxy guardian Chris Pratt absolutely killing an Eminem verse.


10 Sophie D, the stunning, mojito-loving star of this week's FHM Girlfriend Selfies.

 Sophie d


11 This insanely clever super bike from the future.



12 Anna Kendrick swearing is equal parts adorable and badass.

Kendrick 2


13 This awesome Red Bull wakeboarding event that's happening at the end of the month.

If you're in Liverpool, you'll want to catch it.



14 Turn your kitchen into a brewery with this Make Your Own Cider kit.

Cider Making Kit


15 This angry, bare-chested Russian bloke with a superhuman control of ducks.