Hollywood is a breeding ground for bonkers actors. Between Tom Cruise’s Scientologist control-freakery and Charlie Sheen’s ten gram rocks, there's not much room left for anyone sane. It’s probably something to do with the super fantastic amounts of money and the endless parades of beautiful women they have floating around. We’d totally suffer through it, but only for our art, obviously.

Anyways, the star who has been officially voted 'most likely to be serving out the rest of his days in Broadmoor', (by us and the guy from IT who’s in the office today), is Mel Gibson. Once famous as Lethal Weapon’s mullet-sporting hard man Riggs, Gibson’s latest film sees him doing less of the gunning down of bad guys whilst quoting witty one liners, and more of the using a beaver hand puppet to communicate. Erm yes, a beaver.

Depressed and suicidal, hated by his wife and kids, Gibson’s character tries to end it all one night in a motel, only to be confronted by the Beaver, a mangy hand puppet who’s chirpy cockney accent and chipper personality starts to bring Mel back from the brink, by becoming his ‘voice’. And somehow it works. Gibson's family come slowly crawling back, for some reason more enamoured with the flea-bitten critter and his inexplicable Ronnie Biggs accent than by whoever Gibson used to be.

It takes some suspension of disbelief. Take for instance what is probably the only sex scene to feature a man, a woman and a talking beaver, (no jokes now, please). But it’s still kind of a heart-warming movie. And despite being totally certifiably, off-the-radar insane, Gibson’s still a great actor. Can you see a boring ‘normal’ like Clooney pulling this one off? Didn’t think so.

So go and see The Beaver. See it for crazy people everywhere. See it for the Tom Cruises and the Charlie Sheens. See it for Hollywood, playground of nutcases since the dawn of the silver screen. But most of all see it for Mel Gibson. Alcohol induced racism is 100% not OK, but if he keeps churning out movies as mental as this one, we'll always harbour a small soft spot for the guy. As long as a straight-jacket and padded cell remains firmly between us.

The Beaver is in cinemas from June 17th