The cold-loving speed demons at Below Zero Ice Driving invited us to beast a load of rally-spec Porsche 911s on a huge frozen lake in Sweden. Obviously, it didn’t take long for us to pack our bags and head into the minus 20c conditions. Here’s what it taught us…
This beer is probably the reason why Sweden is one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s bloody delicious.

Forget about steering with your steering wheel. On ice, in a 300 bhp competition-ready Porsche 911, you steer with your accelerator pedal. Because it’s a rear-engine, dropping that pedal mid-slide will push your back end out further and help you get around corners. That’s the idea, anyway.
Don’t head on to your local pond in your VW Golf and try this.
Ice needs to be over 20cm deep to drive on. Any less, and two bow waves (created on the surface of the water by the force of the cars driving) will collide and break your frozen surface up. And you’ll be taking the bus home.
Getting run over by one of these studded tyres would be a very hardcore acupuncture session.

You’re powersliding like a pro when you’re barely having to move your steering wheel. In other words, the opposite of how we did it.

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A moose has an insane sense of smell. Put it this way, if all smell receptors in your nose covered a square the size of a postage stamp, in a dog they’d cover the size of a footy pitch. In a moose? FOUR footy pitches.

Driving a £120k car off the track and into a snow bank feels like someone’s pulled your pants down in a crowded area. You’ve gotta sit there until someone pulls you out. It’s shit, especially when you’re the first one to do it that day.

It’s totally fine to get a boner over a car when it looks this damn good.

Hell tastes great when you’re washing down raw whale meat.

There’s not a single man in the world who wouldn’t get incredibly excited by the sound of a monstrous engine behind your head, the smell of petrol in your nose and the feeling of controlling a slide on a surface that’s pretty much trying to kill you.
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