Have you ever heard of the London Naked Painting Party? Did you know that Rafael Benitez has magic powers? Get yourself over here to our weekly round-up...

01 The super pretty Gemma Sanderson.

02 DJ BBQ's insanely good Death-Row Steak.

Grab the recipe in this month's mag.

DJ BBQ's Death-Row Steak

03 This girlband who made a music video while having orgasms... 

...which was promptly spoofed.

04 The 12 beers every man should drink.

Order it for Father's Day on June 15.

05 The simply fantastic photography of Ched53.

06 If there's one thing that's going to get you hyped up for the World Cup, it's Next Goal Wins.

See this in the cinemas now and feel positively positive.


07 Georgia Salpa in her brand new, face-meltingly sexy shoot.

08 These cool GIFs of the Avengers morphing from comic book to cinema.

09 Sex, whisky and badgers: How to be great outdoors with this month's mag.

10 On May 25, The London Naked Painting Party is happening.

That's right. A naked painting party. Booze, paint and brushes provided. Find out more here.

11 Someone has invented a collapsible bike that looks cooler than a penguin in Raybans.

Read this week's top tech post.

12 Nathalie Emmanuel is the 76th sexiest woman in the world and your new obsession.

Nathaliue Emmanuel

13 Have you read up on Rachel, this week's star of FHM Girlfriend Selfies?

14 Rafael Benitez either has excellent timing or an almighty power over your telly.

We want to think it's the latter.

15 This $31,725 Starfleet Desk Clock.

Because if there's one thing the Swiss know how to do, it's make the world's most badass clock.