Just like Coco Pops, massages and the word "swag" - sleeping is overrated. Sleep stops you from doing all of those amazing things you miss out on because, well, you're asleep. All night raves, twenty-four hour Big Brother coverage and erm, night buses...

Okay, we'll admit it, sleep is actually pretty amazing, we would be asleep right now if we could get away it - we tried using these, but somehow we got caught.

The reason we're slagging of sleep is because FHM is doubting we'll be getting very much of it after seeing new horror flick Sinister.

As you might have seen, we sent four of our noblest guinea pigs to a secret Sinister screening, where they were strapped up to heart monitors and nipple clamps then subjected to the film.

The results were pretty bloody conclusive, the official word back from the lab - yeah, we have a lab - was that the film is "shit scary".

Sinister is about a struggling novelist - no, it's not J. K. Rowling tearing her hair out trying to pen a follow up to Harry Potter - named Ellison (Ethan Hawke). This chap has just purchased a new home and discovers something interesting in his loft. So far, so Bargain Hunt.

Well, Ellison hasn't stumbled on an old broach or a china Victorian shit pot, he actually finds a big dusty box of grizzly home movies depicting the murder of all of the previous occupants. Instead of doing anything sensible like, going to the police or putting them on Reddit, Ellison watches every film and soon realises that the entity behind them could make his family the next target.

Have a gander at the trailer above and plonk your thoughts in the comments below. We don't mean your general thoughts about life, the heavy rain or that unpleasant rash on your inner thigh - we want to know what you think of Sinister.

Sinister hits cinemas on October 5. For more on the film head to www.sinisterfilm.co.uk.