This morning Facebook bowed to absolutely zero pressure, by bizarrely reinstating a policy to allow video clips of beheadings on the social networking site.

At the same time, if you want to upload a picture of a consenting adult in the buff – a titillating nipple slip perhaps, or a cheeky video of a wobbling buttock – then you can expect to have it taken down, or even have your account deleted.

Here at FHM, we want to know when it became more acceptable to show acts of barbaric violence than the occasional bit of tasteful nudity.

To be honest, we’re not against the $100bn company’s policy on sexually explicit content. No one, (except the most mucky-minded sexual deviant), wants to see their newsfeed overrun with pics of rutting Russian couples.

But we do think it’s strange that Facebook, and maybe even popular culture as a whole, is now apparently more comfortable with someone’s head being lopped off than any form of nakedness, or the normal – often very nice – act of sex.

Hollywood movies are crammed with (albeit simulated) images of people being penetrated by all manner of objects: knives, bullets, alien probes, lamp posts…but the penetration of a consenting penis into a consenting noo noo is a straight up no no.

We’re not demanding to see Bruce Willis’ nutsack. We’re just musing about the absurdity of it all.

Jade for FHMPictures like this on FHM's Facebook are regularly reported, then deleted by the network. Yet, as of today, beheading videos are fine. 

Meanwhile, back at Facebook HQ, the company have said that users should be free to view real beheading videos – of people being brutally murdered – and then condemn the content.

It’s wrong. We don’t need to see or share these disgusting videos. No one does. 

We do, however, want to see the occasional celebrity bottom glistening on a yacht in the Caribbean. So do us a favour, Facebook, and get your censorship policy in order if you want a thumbs up from us.

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Words by Joe Barnes