BAFTA winning star and director of the upcoming, action packed mindfuck The Anomaly takes on the FHM Bloke Test... 



01 What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever set on fire?

Probably a bucket full of fireworks. The big ones that you’d use to feed horses when I was kid. A woman came out of her house and went mental, it was pretty rowdy.



02 What’s in your pockets right now?

£1.80, an Oyster Card and my phone.



03 Have you ever twerked?

I don’t mind looking at twerking, I quite like looking at it, seeing those nice girls doing it but I’ve never done it.



04 Have you ever thrown up after a particularly exhausting work out or run?

I do MMA training loads of intense circuit stuff. I’ve been close and on the verge of vomit during really hard workouts but I’ve never actually done it.



05 Have you ever thrown a punch and missed?

When I was younger I was having a fight in the middle of a road and took a swing and missed. Then he got a headbutt in. I’ve always thought that if I saw him again I’d smash him. I’ve not seen him in years but it still bugs me.



06 Have you ever been knocked out?

When we were filming The Anomaly, Michael Bisping the UFC fighter in the take that we use in the film he smashed me right in the jaw and I went straight down and I was off sick for the next three days. But he didn’t knock me out.

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07 Have you ever eaten a raw egg, Rocky Balboa-style?

No that’s not my bag, it reminds me of something else I would never want to eat.



08 Have you ever had a particularly spectacular session of DIY?

I built my entertainment cabinet at home for my playstation, X-Box, TV, surround sound. It’s made out of a dark pine with glass and everything. It’s a nice piece of work.



09 Have you ever cried at The X Factor?

No, everybody has a sob story, it is what it is. I’d only ever watch that show by default if I’m with certain people in the household.



10 Have you ever killed and eaten something other than a fish?

A chicken and it still freaks me out. They actually run around without their heads and the head was just lying their squawking with the body running around it. It tasted delicious though.



11 What do you have on your toast?

Either honey and butter or marmite.



12 The last person you gave the finger to?

Some bellend that cut me off while I was driving. It’s a pet peeve, there’s a lot of arseholes out there and sometimes they need telling. The other one is people that don’t answer their phone. It drives me fucking mad.



13 The strangest thing I’ve ever drunk beer from?

I don’t drink a lot of beer but probably a fishbowl in a club.



14 What parts of your body have you got pierced?

Just my ears but I’ve got eight tattoos, two of which are massive.



15 Have you ever shaved a part of your body other than your face?

Occasionally you’ve got to do your balls, you have to groom them a little bit. You can’t be like a Hell’s Angel down there, it’s not 1972, you want it to be pleasant down there.




You might be a settled down family man these days Noel but you’re definitely still a bloke.

The Anomaly is released in cinemas 4th July