At 1,560 metres above sea level, Davos, in Switzerland, is the highest city in Europe. Its population of just 11,166 suggests that most people stand at the bottom of a mountain, looking a mile into the sky and think, “Oh fuck it, shall we just live down here instead?”

But, once a year, the world’s most fearless snowboarders make the journey high up into the Alps to make use of an intimidating ramp known only as ‘Big Air’, plus a half-pipe they call… well, 'Halfpipe'. They fling themselves 200 feet into the night sky, perform stunts we can barely pronounce, let alone perform (backside doublecork 1260 to lipside 270, anyone?) and, they hope, land a spot in the World Snowboard Championships, all while crowds of thousands watch on in awestruck admiration.

Big Air

This year’s two-hour battle ended with Canadian Mark McMorris (he's 18, FFS) bagging top spot and a nice cheque for $40,000. Well, actually, it ended with a massive party, some colossal beats, a packed hot tub and enough fondue to give Wallace & Gromit multiple orgasms - which makes it the kind of party we can get on (cheese)board with. 

Mark McMorris

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