A sex calculator, you say? Why yes. It works out the number of calories you burned during your last No Pants Dance. Check it out and everything else you might have missed over the weekend... 

01 Our Instagram hottie of the week: the undeniably sexy Savannah K. 

02 This perfect combination of beer, a hot girl and black-and-white photography.

See the full video here.

03 The Sex Calculator that no one asked for but everyone will use.


04 Oona Chaplin playing a stripper in the music video for this catchy little number.

05 The mag (including your free style guide) comes off shelves on Thursday. Make sure you don't miss it! 


06 Robert De Niro's many different uses of the word 'fuck.'


The Family is out now on DVD.

07 The 4 scientically proven reasons why women fake orgasms.

08 The genius of 'BaneCat.'

09 Only one week until the Superdry Artic Disco at Snowbombing in Austria.

Parting with Rudimental in a real igloo? Yes please.

10 The ace Sea-Doo Spark that won't break your bank and 4 other gadgets we want this week.

11 The news that scientists are trialling suspended animation next month.

'What now?'

By replacing a patient's blood with a cold saline solution, their body is rapidly cooled and they're suspended between life and death. This gives the docs more time to fix the problem, be it a gunshot wound or any other traumatic injury.

Pretty cool, right?

12 The 7 sexy ladies who made us forget how shite the weather's been this month.

13 Emily Atack returns to the big screen in Almost Married. Horray!


Catch it, if you'll forgive the pun, in cinemas and on iTunes now.

14 10 GIFtastic times we found Lady Gaga weirdly sexy.

15 This ace track from Sigma.

Sound familiar? You might recognise it from Kanye's Bound 2.

Miss last week's? Natalie Dormer, sexy football matches and 3D paintings that make us go "Ooooooooh."