If you're partied out or at a loose end this weekend (or, as it's otherwise known, have no friends) then never fear because we've saved you the unbearable stress of flicking through the channels and just told you what to watch.

So now you can devote your time to other imminent tasks like scratching your balls and rolling your belly button fluff into a ball and sniffing it.

Chilean Miners: 17 Days Buried Alive
BBC2 - 9pm

If you don't fancy hitting the tiles on friday, then why not cosy down with a bleak yet uplifting documentary? Potentially stating the obvious, but we'll tell you anyway that this is a testimony from six of the survivors.

Exit through the gift shop
Channel 4 - 9pm

For street artist/ninja Banksy this is a pretty quality debut. It's a thoroughly well thought out giant piss take of art (otherwise known as a mockumentary) that features the man himself being utterly hilarious. Definitely watch this.


Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain
ITV1 - 9pm

The teeny tiny comedy legend has tea with David Walliams and his mum and chats to Harry Hill in prop shot. He manages to pull off his legend status with lots of unpretentious aplomb in the second half of the two-part series.


Iron Man
Channel 4  - 6.40pm

If you had the misfortune of missing it the first time round, then don't miss Marvel's massive budget mega-cast remake of the classic comic. Featuring Jeff bridges, Terrence Howard and some excellent deadpans from Robert Downey Jr. it's just about epic enough to take the edge off your hangover.

Gladiator: The True Story
Channel 5 - 8pm

The real story behind Ridley Scott's huge blockbuster film, the documentary tells the story of Commodus the total madman played by Joaquin (aka Wakeeen) Phoenix in the film. Archaelogists and other clever folk get down to investigating the lives and brutal training regimes of the Gladiators.