Plan B does a lot. Despite this, the rapper, soul singer, actor and director has now found time to be the face of Lucozade Original.

We caught up with him to talk about his up-coming film, Jay-Z never phoning him and which suits will get you which girls.

When do you start filming The Sweeney?

October 24th is when we start. I’m looking forward to it. I mean I’m in a film with Ray Winstone! Originally there was talk about giving me a smaller role, and then they did a U-turn and asked me to play [George] Carter. Carter is the supporting actor to Jack Regan, who Ray Winstone is playing. It came right out of the blue.

How are you preparing for the role?

Weights, I’m doing sixteen kilograms on each now. I’d like to lose a lot of weight for The Sweeney  and I’ve lost 2 stone from just doing weights. The weight is dropping off. I want to get down to 12 stone and get a six-pack.

Is acting more of a priority than the music then?

No, I would say music, film and literature are all avenues that allow me to tell a story, to express some kind of a message.

When will your third album Ballard of Belmarsh be released?

It’s hard to know when it will come out. I really wanted to commit myself to Ill Manors, my feature film. It heavily involves my music in it, so that soundtrack is like another album, which will come out with the film next year.

We heard you said no to Jay-Z featuring on Ballard of Belmarsh?

I wouldn’t say no to him. He’s never asked. When there were mutterings of the new album, a guy at the label was talking about how Jay-Z and Kanye would love to be on one of the tracks. You go "wow wicked! Oh great!". I was really up for it but I never heard anything back.

Where do you buy your suits?

I don’t, I get given them for free by Armani.

Where should we buy our suits if we're not superstars?

I’d say Topman! You get great cuts for suits, they may not be the best quality but who the fuck can tell? If you’re hitting on a girl in a club and she’s pissed out of her head she doesn’t know what the fuck you’re wearing. If you got the money though, go for something like an Armani as sometimes you want to pull a girl who isn’t drunk, you know those ones that you might want to consider marrying one day.

So Armani suits are for marriage material?

Yes and Topman suits are for rough dirty sex. Or cheating on your wife.

What was Plan A?

Contemporary RnB. I used to write songs, Craig David styled songs, then I started rapping and called myself Plan B as I went though these massive shifts from sweet love songs to songs about fucked up shit, and I thought that Plan B was just a really suitable name. With the Strickland Banks record I kind of went back to Plan A but with a bit of Plan B with me.