We spoke to raspy-voiced funnyman, Tom Stade, to find out his equally sandpaper-voiced heroes...

Tom Waits

“He’s got to be the king of the raspy voice. There’s no one raspier – he blows my mind. He’s like the second Leonard Cohen.”

Vin Diesel

“He would sound really shitty with a high voice trying to be Riddick. Shouting, “Everybody get outta here! The aliens that killed my parents are coming!” would not work in a high-pitched voice.”

Ray Winstone
“He’s definitely on the list because he does it in an English accent. In The Departing he manages to make Jack Nicholson sound like a girl. That’s the power of Winstone – he makes anyone else sound camp. “

Kathleen Turner
“She is probably one of the most raspiest women ever. Even for a lady, her voice is raspier than mine, so you’ve got to look up to her. If we made love it would sound like we were just coughing all night.”

Tom is on tour around the country. Check out his tour dates here or catch him on BBC One's Live At The Apollo and Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow.