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Posted by , 19 July 2013

Real easy Candied Pork with pineapple salsa

Real easy Candied Pork with pineapple salsa

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DJ BBQ's candied pork

DJ BBQ says...

I was given this recipe from a Jamaican lady in Sainsbury’s.

I was buying a bunch of marinades to experiment with at home, and she was behind the checkout. She stopped me mid-purchase and said, ‘Child, you don’t want this. You need to try my recipe. It’s very simple: soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic.’

It turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever made, and my kids devoured every single inch of it. They’re the ones that came up with the name Candied Pork, actually. I can see where they got that from, because it’s sweet, it’s sticky and it’s goddamn awesome.

Oh, and the pineapple salsa. I worked at a 24-hour diner called DJ’s back in my snowboarding days. We had five different chillies going – we were making salsas and omelettes and everything. I remembered what I put in the pineapple salsa and made it for my birthday with my pulled pork. I had a crowd of people just going apeshit. They go crazy for it.

Candied Pork step 1

01 Smash and chop your peeled garlic cloves and throw them into a bowl with the sugar, oil and soy sauce. Mix it up until the brown sugar dissolves. 

Candied pork step 2

02 Place the pork fillet into the liquid mix and let it marinade in the fridge for three hours. “And that’s it for the pork,” DJ BBQ says. “Dead easy, huh?” Later, slap it on to your BBQ, cover and cook out for 40 mins.

Candied pork step 3

03 Do the salsa while you’re waiting. Dice the red onion into small cubes and repeat with the skinned pineapple. “Fresh pineapple is best, but if you wanna go tinned, make sure all the juice is drained,” says DJ BBQ. Squeeze the lime out, then add the chopped jalapeños and salt to taste.

Candied pork step 4

In this month's issue, DJ BBQ breaks the Griller's Code and reveals the secrets of being a BBQ King. From cooking perfect fish to making the best salsa, you'll want to get your hands on this meaty intel.

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