What were you doing when you were 25? Taking your first steps up the career ladder? Perhaps even still living with your parents? By 25, Lou Ferrante was already running his own crew within the Mafia's notorious New York-based Gambino crime family.

He built a reputation as one of the most feared gangsters on the East Coast by being the brains behind some of the Gambino family's most infamous heists. However, he soon learned that heists didn't always go according to plan when he was jailed for refusing to assist the police with their investigations.

Lou Ferrante - Inside The Gangster's Code

He spent nearly a decade in a maximum-security federal prison. While inside, he finally learned how to read and write. Since leaving jail, he's published two books and become a motivational speaker. Now, he presents Inside The Gangster's Code on Discovery, where he explores different gang cultures and their inner workings. Check out this clip for a little taster:


In this month's FHM, we sit down with Mr Lou Ferrante to talk about his journey from mob captain to motivational speaker. To read his fascinating story, get the latest issue of FHM today!

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