Well, not yet it doesn’t. But it will. Oh, how it will, if you good little boys and girls go and download the demo right away.

See, Volition Inc and Y2K have done a sort of deal. As the demo for Red Faction: Armageddon (more details in our first impressions article here) was released yesterday on Xbox Live, they’re offering a potential unlockable weapon.

Milliseconds later, that alien was dead

It’s a unicorn that farts rainbows at your enemies. Deadly laser rainbows. The unicorn’s name is Mr Toots. We’re not making this up.

But how do we get hold of Mr Toots, and unleash his deadly stream of butt-warfare on the aliens that are trying to take over Mars? How can we add his multicoloured charms to our arsenal (ARSEnal, geddit? Only top quality humour here at FHM)?

It’s simple – once 1 million downloads of the Red Faction: Armageddon demo have been completed, they’ll release the windy little blighter and we’ll be free to point his rectum at stuff and have it explode in a ray of cosmic flatulence.

With a unicorn that farts rainbows, Mars is almost too easy to save

For more details on Mr Toots, why not watch this instructional video?

Aside from deadly mythical creatures, here are 4 other reasons why you should download the demo for Red Faction:

1. It has a magnet gun that launches bits of the scenery around the place and into baddies

2. The magnet gun can also fire baddies into walls if you want

3. Similarly, the magnet gun can fire baddies into other baddies making a sort of delicious baddy sandwich

4. Seriously, just download it for the magnet gun. To be honest we don’t even care about the stupid unicorn

The demo for Red Faction: Armageddon is out now on Xbox Live and has been since yesterday, so go download it! The game itself is out on 3 June 2011 for Xbox and PS3