Step right up! Presenting our weekly round-up of the hottest girls, the coolest videos and the bestest things from all over the internet...

01 The incredible Renee Somerfield.

02 This GIFtastic guide to the sexiest ladies gracing the silver screen right now.

03 The drum cover you never thought to do yourself. And not just because you can't play the drums.

04 Pancakes. Endless, endless pancakes. Don't imagine it. Live it.


05 The absolutely devastating Nina Agdal.


06 Jamie Foxx for President.


White House Down is out now on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download.

07 This really awesome Tumblr we found on t-OH WAIT, it's ours!

Amelia GF

08 Why 2014 is the year of the bush (and why this is a very good thing).

09 The exclusive first photo of Justin Bieber being arrested.


Read his badass checklist.

10 These awesome Instagrams of Rihanna having a paddle.

11 10 more things you never knew girls find sexy.

12 This incredible video of what beatboxing looks like in slow motion. Because why not? 


13 There's only a few days left to get these 12 ace brewskis for just £30 from FHM Beer Club.

14 Our 15 excellent reasons to be cheerful.

15 This vertigo-inducing, chair-gripping video of crazy kids hanging off ledges.