Did you know that a film exists of Olivia Wilde pole dancing? Or that you can buy Nintendo 64 soap? Prepare for your mind to be well and truly blown with this week's 15 Things...


01 Aussie model extraordinaire Steph Smith. 


02 Dr Who's sexiest assistant and 10 more of the hottest women at Glastonbury 2014.


03 Rihanna getting friendly with US model Brooklyn Decker.

We're not quite sure why this is happening. We think she's saying that they're real, but none of it matters. Not really.


04 Have you taken our male sex toys survey yet? CLICK HERE.


05 Is that...Olivia Wilde?

SPOILER: Yes, yes it is. And it's from the 2011 film Butter, should you choose to take on further research.


06 Quick! You have until Wednesday July 2 to buy this issue.

Here are 8 reasons why you'd be bonkers to miss it.


07 These truly awesome N64 cartridge soaps.

Because you love GoldenEye 007 enough to want to rub it all over you body. Buy them here.


08 Google's cardboard rival to the Oculus Rift and our 4 other gadgets of the week.



09 This freestyle football masterclass from World Champion Andrew Henderson and River Island. 


10 This absolutely lovely Mexican football fan.



11 Our Instagram photographer of the week: Luke Pearsall.


12 These 7 amazing facts about snipers.

Educational AND a bit sexy...


13 Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks is now a game.

We never knew we wanted it until this moment...

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14 Fact of the week: you can buy 12 issues of FHM for £12.

That's £1 an issue, which is bloody amazing. Bag the offer here.

15 And finally: here's how to shotgun a beer.