Your weekly round-up of the manliest and most interesting stuff on the internet, from our new series of FHM Sexy Shorts to action dolls every man should own. Enjoy it and stay classy.


15  Keeley Hazell is back and kicking off our new series, FHM Sexy Shorts. Check it here.

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09  This action figure that's quite a big deal


08  FHM met the guys camping out for iPhones and discovered they're actually geniuses. Read it here.


07  Guyism's awesome guide to the prostitutes in GTA V.



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05 Everything you never knew you could do with a beard. Here. 


04  This hero that tested out the iPhone's new slow-motion technology on his braless girlfriend



03  This awesome street art by Mr Thoms


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01  Lucy Meck showing us how you're really supposed to moonwalk