Ladies and gentlemen, can we please have your attention. We need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen...

Ron Burgundy is a lot of things: Man. Newsreader. Global celebrity. Pioneer. Brand. Role model. Sex symbol. Moustache wearer. Miniature train set enthusiast. Rare jigsaw collector. And now, magazine editor.

This month, Ron Burgundy takes over your favourite mag and stars in his very first FHM cover shoot. It's kind of a big deal.

Why? Because this is Ron's only UK cover.

That's right. Team FHM have got themselves an exclusive scoop on Anchorman 2, the best thing happening to cinemas and eyes this December, and it's straight from the leading man's moustachioed mouth. We went to California to capture Ron in his bachelor pad and get the low-down on what's it really like to be him.

We even caught up with the rest of the Channel 4 News Team. Yes, that includes you, Brick.

Pour yourself a scotch and get stuck in. You'll also get the FHM 2014 Calendar for FREE.

Ron Burgundy FHM Cover

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