Floppy-haired ginger shitwizard Ron Weasley and floppy-haired ginger hitmaker Ed Sheeran don’t have an awful lot in common.

One spends his days pining over Hermione, being Harry Potter’s less magic sidekick and dealing with his self-confidence issues because he’s not as good as H-Pott and no one really gives a fuck about him.

The other spends his time sleeping on his pals’ couches, playing a gig EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and wearing basic hoodies and T-shirts because he doesn’t have a stylist or anything.

See? They’re clearly very different people.

But, when there’s a frikkin’ hilarious coincidence like the fact that they both – yes BOTH – sport floppy ginger hair, wouldn’t it be an absolute travesty not to make the most of it. Yes, yes it would.

Which is why Ron Weasley plays Ed Sheeran in Ed’s new video, Lego House.

Before you ask, no, there’s not a single piece of Lego in the entire video, which we found deceptive and disappointing in equal measure.

Ed Sheeran = good
Ron Weasley = less good
Lego = absent