What do you get when you put Britain's hardest man, an Instagram hottie and the Ryan Gosling of the porn world in the same place? One brilliant magazine, that's what!

Now get your mind out of the gutter and have a look at what's in the mag this month.


Would Wife: Ashley Sky

The star of Kanye's Otis vid and owner of the hottest Instagram account ever is the reason you eyes have just melted.

Ashley Sky

FHM Hero: Ross Kemp

The actor-turned-reporter takes a break from getting shot at by the Taliban to pet some pooches.

Ross Kemp for FHM

What Girls Really Think About Sex

From threesomes to facials, and sexting to anal, the women of Britain reveal all of their naughtiest secrets and innermost desires.

FHM sex survey with Nicole Neal and Danielle Sharp

A Day With James Deen

FHM crosses the Atlantic, gift in hand, to spend time with the world's most famous porn star on his birthday. Sex occurs.

James Deen for FHM

Pilgrimages For Men

Screw swimming with dolphins: have you been to Wayne Manor? Check out our list of awesome places every bloke must visit if he indeed wishes to call himself a man.

My War

Four different wars, four British men, and four unique, life-changing experiences. Incredible stories from the front line.

Live Like A Millionaire

Want to get laid or boss the stock market? The most expensive experts on the planet tell us how.

What Would Jesus Do?

Resurrect your wardrobe and banish your fashion sins with FHM's new style commandments.

Lucy Watson

Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson, in her first ever sexy shoot, confirms once and for all that posh girls really do have more fun.

Lucy Watson for FHM

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This is madness.



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