Your music career is about to hit the big time and you’re making your debut music video. You’re more flush with ideas than Macaulay Culkin protecting his homestead from two rapacious burglars. Puma have said to you “Yeah, go for your life. Just do it however you please”.

What you gonna do?

You could make a weirdly alluring video where you’re kind of stuck to a bed of tar, and you’re covered in tar, but you’re actually really enjoying it rather than thinking 'Man this tar stinks and Daz Ultra has got it’s bloody work cut out getting these sheets clean'.

Ruby Goe

Or you could make one of those simplistic monochrome videos where it’s just you dancing in front of a white background like Beyoncé’s Single Ladies.

Ruby Goe hot

Or you could make one of those night out on the town videos full of buses and pavements and traffic lights.

Ruby Goe Get On With It

But what if you want to do ALL of those things? That’d be a bit much, wouldn’t it?

Well no, actually, because that’s exactly what emerging singstress Ruby Goe has done, and it works a treat.

Or you could just sick up paint on your trainers.

Ruby Goe trainers