Your mind might already be focused on the glorious, 4-day weekend but bear with us a few minutes longer to bring you all the brilliant stuff from the web this week... 

01 The utterly mesmerising Jessica Lou.

02 The bloody brilliant trailer for Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson.


03 This video that may or may not be of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing like a loon at Coachella.


04 The totally awesome photographer that is Megane Claire.

05 This part-cute, part-sexy, part-awkward video of a girl hitting on straight girls.

06 The majesty of this alphabet sandwich.

Why is it called the alphabet sandwich? Because it contains an ingredient for each letter of the alphabet.


07 Ashley Sky's first FHM shoot is in this month's mag and it'll knock your socks off.

 08 The fact that football golf courses exist.


09 These pretty cool, football Sky remote controls. 

Available for £29.99 from the Sky website.

10 FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Alana

 When Alana isn't playing drunk, blindfolded Twister, she's losing her shoes at a Biffy Clyro gig. AND she's Welsh. Could she be your perfect girl?

FHM Girlfriend Selfies: Alana

11 Every single mask from Spiderman. 

Spider Man Masks Through Time

12 5 insanely sexy reasons to get your grubby mitts on the issue right now.

13 Barbara Palvin getting us in the mood for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Barbara Palvin GIF


14 This ace Game Of Thrones LEGO and 4 other cool things our tech blogger dug up this week. 

15 And finally: sexy proof that, in history, humans as a species once had tails.