Judging by the cyber attacks on passwords in the past few months and the scaremongering world press, the internet is a shit scary place to be right now.

All of us literally being two or three clicks away from having our bank details, unsavoury porn habits and awful drunk Facebook snaps published all over the freaking place. 

US firm Hold Security revealed this week that Russian hackers have managed to steal 1.2 billion passwords across 420,000 websites in what they’re calling the “largest data breach known to date”. 

So, in fear of having passwords hacked and our embarrassing search history made public knowledge, we’ve rounded up 4 ways for you to keep cyber safe. 


Don’t leave websites signed in

If you think being fraped when your best mate posts that drunken picture is the worst thing that happens when you leave Facebook logged in, think again. This one’s obvious but don’t leave websites logged in if you’re in agreement that being robbed blind by a brainy internet thief is about as appealing as getting your face sanded. 

Store passwords in a virtual vault

If you’ve got the memory of goldfish, there are programs that’ll have your back and remember stuff for you. Free software like LastPassPassword Safe and KeePass store and securely autofill all your passwords for you so you only need to remember one. Just don’t forget it or write it down on your hand for all the world to see.

Get creative often

Sounds pretty obvious, but regularly changing your passwords massively decreases the likelihood of you getting cyber hacked to pieces. Choose something memorable but with a mixture of numbers and lower/uppercase letters. Avoid being Captain Obvious by using your dog’s name or ‘1234’.

Build a cyber security gate

If you don’t mind faffing around and logging into websites twice, turn on the two-step authentication feature on sites like Twitter, Google and Facebook which will send a code to your mobile when you log in from a new device. It can easily be turned on and off but it does give you that extra level of security, if you’re really paranoid. 


Words by Anjali Mandalia. Follow heron Twitter: @AnjaliMandalia