"There are only three good reasons to do anything in this world; women and money."

"That's two reasons. What's the third?"

"It'll come to ya..."

Scot Williams is the man who has to figure this one out in director David Hughes' new crime thriller Hard Boiled Sweets. We spoke to Scott on the telephone about all sorts of loosely connected stuff. First: trailer...



Tell us a bit about the movie...
It’s a British crime film but in a very American style. The director wanted to take that hard-boiled style but place it in a quintessentially English setting. He chose Southend because it’s representative of Atlantic City or Las Vegas. People assume that it’s a cockney film, but it's very refreshing...

Are you a good guy or a bad guy?
Well what’s unique about it is there’s no main protagonist. There are seven or eight characters all going after the same suitcase full of money but for very different reasons. You tend to favour one person’s journey in movies but in this case you’re rooting for everybody. So when there’s a double cross or somebody dies, it comes as more of a shock.

So you're a good guy?
My character's a career criminal. When we first see him he’s coming out of prison and he’s given a riddle by his cell mate [above]. He’s got very little back story and he’s got ice in his veins. Originally he didn’t even have a name. He gets blackmailed into stealing money by a bent copper so he’s kind of an accidental hero. You root for him and want him to win even though technically he’s a bad guy.

Gotcha. Do you collect anything?
I collect ‘Do not Disturb' from hotel rooms. I’ve got hundreds of the things. I take them every time I stay at a different hotel.

Cool. Why?
Well it’s better than taking bathrobes! My favourite is from the Hard Day's Night hotel in Liverpool. If you want your room servicing you hang the sign on the side that says 'HELP' and if you don’t want to be disturbed you flick it over to 'I’VE HAD A HARD DAYS NIGHT'.

That's very niche.
I’m trying to start a collection of Beatles photographic prints signed by their photographers. When I shot Backbeat I was given a very rare print signed by the photographer Astrid Kirchherr and since then I've bought a portrait of John Lennon signed by Spud Murphy. It’s a small collection, but its a start. I also have a box of old Liverpool FC football programmes from 1977 to present day.

Are you a big fan?
I’ve got connections at Liverpool, my uncle and two of my cousins works at the club. I did a film about the Hillsborough disaster a few years ago and that brought me very close to the people at the club. Some strange times recently but it’s never boring being a Liverpool fan. 

Are you any good at football?
I was a goalkeeper which to many is just a way of saying that you weren’t very good. But I was alright and I played Sunday league and at school but then the acting came along and you just don’t want to break your leg. It’s too expensive because it puts you out of work.

Do you have any pets?
No, I don’t like dogs or cats very much. They take away your liberty and they stink. Anyway I’m allergic to cats.

Have you ever rescued an animal form a perilous situation?

I have. My parents used to have a beautiful white german shepherd. It stood on some glass once and there was blood gushing out of its paw like it had hit a jugular. I applied a splint and carried it down the vet and probably saved its life. It was horrible. There was so much blood and the dog was white which made it worse. Luckily the vet was only down the road.

That is STRONG. Can you quickly give us a Top 5 of something?
I can. My top five cartoons as a kid were:

5/ He-Man and The Masters of the Universe
4/ Hong Kong Phooey
3/ Ulysees
2/ Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
1/ Battle of the Planets

Can you draw us a picture?
I'll email you one I did earlier.

Why did you email us a picture of James Dean?
I painted this in 1991. I enjoyed art at school and my art tutor was sad when I revealed I wanted to be an actor and not a painter. I was at an acting festival in Czechoslovakia and came across an old chest suitcase from the 1940s. I wanted to decorate it to match the occasion and so I painted this picture. I didn’t have any fancy paints or brushes so did it with just black and white household emulsion. I still have it to this day, some 22 years later.

Do you know what Urban Dictionary’s word of the day, 'malapoopism', means?
Is it the study of Malaysian shit?

Good guess, but no. It’s when people try to use big words but keep getting them wrong.

Like Joey Barton on Twitter, right? People who just eat a quotations book for breakfast every morning then walk around like they’re Buddha. I tend to do that myself. I do a thought for the day on Twitter. My followers think I’m some kind of guru.

Hard Boiled Sweets is in cinemas now. For more info, visit Facebook.com/HardBoiledSweets