It’s been over ten years since we last shuffled into the cinema, shelled out for overpriced popcorn and a watery bucket of coke, and sat down to be equally scared and entertained by one of Wes Craven’s Scream films. But the franchise is back for another round with Scream 4 (or Scre4m) and it’s bringing some of the old cast with it.

Sidney Prescott (still played by Neve Campbell, who by the way is still pretty hot) returns to Woodsboro, the site of the murders from the previous films on a promotional tour of her self-help book – and on the 15th Anniversary of the original killings!

Dun dun DUNNNN

It’d be clichéd anywhere else, but Scre4m (how is that pronounced, anyway? Screefourm?) carries it off with a wayward charm and a cheeky wink. Seeing how since around 2006 remakes have become a major property in Hollywood, this time it’s all about rebooting and reimaging the original property in an edgy, new-millennium sorta way.

We’re actually sort of surprised that they didn’t just go ahead and remake the original, bringing the gag full circle, but for some reason they stopped short of that – instead, the killer is patterning the murders after the original film. 

Courtney Cox is basically the epitome of someone's hot aunt, isn't she?

But the rules of survival horror have changed, so virgins can die, you can say “I’ll be right back” and not get instantly slaughtered, and so forth. Fun!

Oh, and in addition to Neve Campbell, there’s Hayden Panettiere of Heroes and boxing match fame, Emma Roberts of being-Julia-Roberts'-niece fame, and Queen of the Cougars Courtney Cox running around and being sexy all over the shop.

Looks exciting, doesn’t it? Scream 4 is due for release on 15 April, with tongue firmly in cheek and knife firmly in guts.