Still recovering after the bank holiday weekend? Spend some time procrastinating with the FHM selection of everything you need to know about this week...


15  First of all, Shady's back. Back again. Go Berzerk.

14  This giant club in Ibiza that will change how you party forever


13  Miley Cyrus went all Twerky and flesh coloured bikini at the VMAs 

12  This photographer and his sexy superhero themed shoot called Heroines. Check him out here.


11  A god damn dragon washed up on a beach in spain!


10  The news that Bryan Cranston is going to play Lex Luther in the Man Of Steel sequel.
 Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad

09  Guyism's Katy Perry Gifterpiece, go see them here.


08  What surfing taught our FHM x Jagermeister Roadtrippers about women...

07  These super cool minimalist football logos, Man United, anyone?


06  Why everyone needs to lay off Ben Affleck, read here.

ben affleck batman


05  The FHM guide to winning at Tinder, read here.

04  These pictures of Dads at One Direction concerts



03  Corey Feldman has a music video and it made us ask these questions.

02  Melanie Iglesias, winning the Internet one heart at a time


01 Lois tells you what you need to do to get her to your party. See it here.

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