There are a lot of things that will get your heart racing, for instance those troubling times when you've just hopped on the bus to work and cannot fathom if you remembered to put on deoderant and/or pants. Then there's that awful falling feeling, when your body thinks it's about to plummet in that bottomless pit from 300, when in reality you were just about to slip into a sublime nap on the sofa.

The other thing that never fails to get our hearts racing faster than an impromptu pregnancy scare is properly terrifying films - and no, we don't mean the likes of Harry Potter with lambchops running around a house surrounded by an inconveniently receeding tide. We mean dirty and weird horror flicks, such as V/H/S, which crams five horror films into one overarching messed up story. Firstly, it's great value for money, but secondly, it keeps things fresh (apart from your underwear) so the you don't know where the next scare is coming from.

"Bloody hell! I can't believe we're sat next to that bloke from Bottom."

Thankfully, Hollywood has clocked onto this multi-pack movie formula with new horror film Sinister - from the producers of the frankly brilliant Insidious and the Halloween classic Paranormal Activity. Sinister sees true crime novelist Ellison (Ethan Hawke) get too involved with his latest horrifying pageturner, when he discovers a box of mysterious and shocking 8mm home movies in his attic

FHM can solemly tell you that this film will scare the living daylights out of you - but what does that actually mean? The internet tells us "living daylights" refers to your eyes, or your very life force! That's one hell of a promise to make, right? Well, we strapped five brave FHM readers into heart-rate monitors and subjected them to the savagery of Sinister, so we could use science AND words to prove our point. Here is their heart rate results, compared to other thrilling activities:

Average resting heart rate for men (18-25), whilst watching the Antiques Roadshow:
70-73 bpm

Average resting heart rate for men (18-25), who see a big sale on the Antiques Roadshow:
80-83 bpm

Average resting heart rate for women (18-25):
74-78 bpm

Average heart rate for men during sex (20-29):
117 bmp MOB*

Average heart rate for running at full tilt:
190-200 bpm

Lowest heart rate whilst watching Sinister (male):
192 bpm

Peak heart rate whilst watching Sinister (female):
237 bpm (177 bpm above her normal resting heart beat).

So there we have it - Sinister is definitely scarier and more exhilarating than a huge deal on the Antiques Roadshow, running AND sex. If we say fear counts as a heart rate well above your resting one, then FHM's guinea pigs were in a genuine state of fear for a whopping 41% of Sinister.

Sinister - the most terrifying horror film of 2012 - hits cinemas on October 5.

*MOB: meaning "man on bottom", as in the man was on the bottom during sex, not on her bottom. There were surprisingly few studies on that.