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Posted by , 27 September 2013

Weekends For Men: FHM Goes To Stockholm

Weekends For Men: FHM Goes To Stockholm

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    Are girls naughtier than guys on holiday?

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    How to close the deal with a hot surf girl

A wise philosopher called Usher once said, “I want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed.”

Well, imagine if the woman in question was a city. A city that, during the day, is classy, looks incredible and makes you feel brilliant. But when the sun sets, it blows your head off with its ability to get down, party hard and shake the walls like a polaroid picture.

That city is Stockholm and it’s fast becoming one of Europe's most exciting party towns. And for good reason. For starters, it’s where ABBA are from, obviously, and, secondly, it’s crammed full of some of the best bars and most beautiful women on the planet.

So, when those awesome drinking guys at Carlsberg got in touch and asked if FHM wanted to pop over and go to a massive party (with giant lasers and DJ Axwell) we obviously went cream crackers for it.

We caught up with Stockholm native and superstar DJ Axwell ahead of his Where’s The Party? by Carlsberg set to get the lowdown on sexy Sweden…

DJ Axwell at Carlsberg's Where's The Party

FHM: So where are the best places to go in Stockholm?

Axwell: I actually still feel like a tourist here and I’m constantly still finding places. The best thing about Stockholm is to feel the vibe a little bit. I like to just walk around and follow the canals and see where it takes me – I’m not so much about old churches and shit.

What makes Stockholm so great as a party city?

We try and mix serenity with the dirt. I wouldn’t have said this five years ago, but the party scene is really amazing here. It used to be that we didn’t want to play in Stockholm or even in Sweden. Then something happened and it’s now one of the best places to play.

Here’s the FHM Guide…


What to do:

The Swedes definitely know how to throw one hell of a party, as we found out when we caught Axwell's set at Where's The Party? by Carlsberg. Which can pretty much be summed up as: brilliant bass-thumping, arm-waving rave radness in a tent. With lasers. AND FIRE.

DJ Axwell at Carlsberg's Where's The Party

Stockholm - Carlsberg's Where's The Party?

And, of course, lots of ridiculously hot Swedish girls.

FHM Stockholm - Swedish Girls

FHM Stockholm - Swedish Girls

FHM Stockholm - Swedish Girls

FHM Stockholm - Swedish Girls

FHM Stockholm - Swedish Girls

If you can’t get yourself to a rave, head into Stockholm central and tap up Spy Bar and Hell's Kitchen to party it out properly Euro style.

Where to eat:

Want some serious Man Food? You can’t do much better than The Meat, a South American-style grill and bar. FHM highly recommends their burgers and brilliantly stocked bar full of Pistonhead.

The Meat - Stockholm


What to do:

Stockholm also has the advantage of being completely chilled in the day. Wandering around is not only the perfect hangover cure, but also a great way to spend a weekend away with your ladyfriend.

We recommend a lazy stroll by the canals followed by some shopping in the labyrinth of surrounding lanes. 

Boats and canals in Stockholm

Where to eat:

As if DJ Axwell wasn’t awesome enough as it is, he’s also got his own restaurant, Un Poco. A place with grub so delicious it deserves a giant medal.

Treat your lady to this and you'll earn some serious points.

Stockholm Un Poco


On the off chance that one day your mum rings you and say she wants to go to Stockholm for her birthday, the city is also home to the official ABBA Musuem.

And it’s surprisingly not shit.

In fact, we’d go as far as to call it a magical, life-changing event for the entire family. A place where people walk in, but dance out. Apparently.

Jordan at the abba museum


But seriously, it’s awesome and you should definitely go, whether you’re with your mum or not. And remember, what ABBA’ns in Stockholm, stays in Stockholm. Or something.

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