Lone star
Origin: San Antonio
Buy: £1.39, House of Fraser
Strength: 4.65%
Downability: 8/10
Good for half-time downsies
Local team: dallas cowboys

Created by German fella Adolphus Busch – the man who introduced the world to Budweiser – this easy-to-drink tipple has a weird history of being mentioned in song by country music peeps like Willie Nelson and Red Steagall. Twang!


Sierra Nevada
Origin: Chico
Buy: £1.75, Sainsbury’s
Strength: 5.6%
Downability: 5
Good for: pouring into a stolen Coca-Cola glass
Local Team: Oakland Raiders

An increasingly common sight in British pubs, you’re just as likely to find this fruity ale in the aisles of Sainsbo’s as down a sunny Californian boulevard. Moreish like a bowl
of Cheetos.


Origin: New Orleans
Buy: £1.48, House of Fraser
Strength: 4.5%
Downability: 6
Good for: Singing along to the Star-Spangled Banner
Local Team: New Orleans Saints

The Dixie Brewing Co. is going strong despite being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Thank God it kept on truckin’, because its beer tastes like bubbly, boozy honey.


Brooklyn Lager
Origin: New York
Buy: £1.66, Tesco
Strength: 5.2%
Downability" 4
  Good for: Buying in bulk, drinking in bulk
Local team: New York Giants

The flagship of the Brooklyn Brewery,
 its recipe dates back to when Brooklyn was the brewing capital of the East coast. Fun fact:
 The Brooklyn logo was designed by Milton Glaser of
 ‘I heart NY’ fame.


Anchor steam beer
Origin: San Francisco
Buy: £2.30, Utobeer.co.uk
Strength 4.8%
Downability 7
Good for: Sips between chips and dips
Local team: San Francisco 49ers

The most stylish of our bevies had to be from San Fran. The bottle’s the business if you get a hard-on for anchors, and the beer is as refreshing as a blob of sour cream atop a hot nacho.


Origin: St Louis
Buy: £1.09, Any corner shop
Strength: 5.0%
Downability: 8
Good for: Supporting the Super Bowl’s official sponsors
Local team: St Louis Rams

These days America’s most famous sud is owned by global beer monsters InBev, so is actually about as American as Ewan McGregor’s accent in The Men Who Stare At Goats. Zing!