Come on, Taio Cruz. Mix it up a bit, will you? We mean SURE, we like girls and cars as much as the next man (unless the next man is Lil Wayne – that guy likes girls and cars more than we like the cold side of the pillow on a hungover Sunday morning or playing Monopoly in front of an open fire when it's cold and wet outside), but it’s all a bit ‘been there, done that, got the T-shirt, worn the T-shirt, realised the T-shirt is ill-fitting and shit, given the T-shirt to a charity shop, bought a few books from the charity shop while you’re in there, just 50p each, what a bargain’. Y’KNOW?

Oh look! A girl!

Girl in Taio Cruz Troublemaker video 

Oh look! Another girl! This one's in an impractically long dress!

Taio Cruz girl in a dress 

Oh look! A car!

Taio Cruz Lamborghini

Oh look! Loads more girls!

Taio Cruz video girls

Oh look! A silhouette girl!

Taio Cruz silhouette girl

Oh look just get over it for fuck's sake Taio Cruz.

You’ll remember how much we admired Kelly Rowland for bringing an elephant on board and Skream for featuring a dancing robot, so maybe Taio should take a leaf out of their book for his next video. He could cycle to the local park and feed the ducks some bread that's just beyond the 'ooh it's a bit past it's best but still okay for toasting' stage and then stop off at his Nan's for a game of Scrabble and a hot chocolate on the way home.

Orrrrrrrr he could just get some really expensive cars and some girls in brilliant shape and stand there wearing sunglasses.